open source
every product in the underscores catalog is released under an open source hardware / software licence.

all resources including schematics, pcb files, source code, panel designs and documentation will be freely available always.

if you value free and open knowledge there are many ways to contribute back to an open source project:
  • collaborating on technical or design iterations
  • user testing and bug reporting
  • improving the written docs or creating video content / generating reach
you can also contribute financially – either directly with donations or by purchasing products through this shop.

all margins from sales over and above the labour and infrastructure costs will go directly into funding further open-source research.
decentralized distribution
unlike a traditional business which depend on protecting intellectual property and clinging to monopoly for profit, underscores prioritizes creating value around an open model.

together with the freedom to make, study and improve open hardware comes the freedom to distribute it. this makes us a single node in a decentralized distribution network – anyone can continue working on and selling these projects long after we close shop and move on. the value we create transcends financial success.
access to tools
a core focus of this project is to make experimenting with video-art instruments more accessible. we hope to encourage peoples first steps into exploring electronic media art, video performance tools, open source, hacker and diy culture.

many of these designs will prioritize being entry-level and affordable over being polished and perfect. they can act as stepping stones towards mature (and professional) tools such as LZX, or as educational resources for schools and community spaces.

we are interested in supporting creative collaborations with other artists and designers contributing to the commons. please contact us if you would like to work together