a few foundations of analog video on breadboard – course ticket + kit


i am away from the studio for next two weeks - all underscores.shop orders will be processed from the 24th of july when im back

an interactive six-part online course about making art with electronics

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this is the page to purchase your ticket + class kit to the online course i am running through JULY 2024 – see this page for more general info about the course, including pictures and video teaser

class times will be Mondays – 09:30-11:30 EDT (EARLY) and 20:30-22:30 EDT (LATE) running: Monday 24 June – Monday 5th August 2024

so the full course outline will look like:

– lesson ipassives – Monday 24 June at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT

– lesson iicomparators – Monday 1 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT

– lesson iiioscillators – Monday 8 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT


– lesson ivlogic_gates – Monday 22 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT

– lesson vmultiplexers – Monday 29 July at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT

– lesson viopamps – Monday 5 August at 09:30-11:30 + 20:30-22:30 EDT

you will notice each class is happening twice – this is an experiment to see if it helps for people to join from different timezones but you are free to attend whichever, or both or just watch the class recordings in a time that suits you)

ticket prices and kit options

the cost of the course is 240euro + materials

regarding kit options – i have narrowed down the options for the required course materials down to:

– +110euro + shipping – full kit including assembled vga_breadboard module, 8x breadboards, box of breadboard wires, all components required, all hdmi adapters

– +95euro + shipping – everything in the full kit minus the hdmi adapters

– +50euro + shipping – just the assembled vga_breadboard_module – you can source the other parts yourself

– none – i will send you a vga_breadboard_module pcb in the mail anyway -> you can source parts and solder this your self if you want to also

it is recommended to get the full kit if you intend to follow along with the build – the vga-hdmi-adapters saves you needing to figure out your vga inputs and outputs and also ensures we will all be working with the exact same signals – less chance of needing to do any internet troubleshooting ! its ok if you dont want em and feel comfortable with any (unlikely) troubleshooting though

let me know if you have any questions! i look forward to hearing from you

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full kit, full kit minus the hdmi adapters, only the breadboard module, none

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