a rpi0 video-instrument – created in collaboration with Guergana Tzatchkova

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_recurBOY_ is a stand-alone digital video synthesizer and sampler. it can trigger clips and run shaders to create and manipulate video.

this project is a spinoff from r_e_c_u_r an existing video-sampler i created and maintain. it distills the best parts, aiming to be simpler and more beginner friendly. originally we intended these to be built together with others in group workshop sessions.

  • outputs sd video over composite or hdmi
  • 2 source modes to generate video : sampler and shaders
  • process any source with additional FX
  • control shader/fx parameters directly with 4x knobs or externally with 4x cv inputs
  • all inputs also controllable via usb-midi
  • process external video through compatible usb capture cards / web-cams

NOTE: this circuit requires a raspberry pi zero attached to operate – if in stock a raspberry pi zero 1w can be added to your order here otherwise you will need to source one separately – read this for more info

this project – like everything in the underscores catalog – is fully open-source hardware – find all the source plus lots more information and guides on the github repo:

Additional information

Weight 160 g
input type

0-5v cv – 3.5mm jack x4

output type


power supply

5v micro-usb

video format

pal/ntsc configurable