effect send and sync restoring circuit – adapted from a Gael Jaton design

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sync_ope is a companion circuit for analog glitch & circuit bent video instruments. it preserves the sync pulses from the original signal and allows for smooth mixing between clean (dry) and distorted (wet) video. preserving the sync pulses means the distorted video is less likely to drop out (blue screen) when sent to analog video decoders such as in projectors, capture cards and digital tvs

note: (as of v1_0_0) this circuit can now be powered from a common 12v_dc barrel-jack wall-wart – not included

– knob for physical control over dry/wet external effect
– cv jack (0-1v) for sequenced control over dry/wet external effect
– external video send & return over rca or 3.5mm jacks

this project – like everything in the underscores catalog – is fully open-source hardware – find all the source plus lots more information and guides on the github repo:

Additional information

Weight 160 g
video format

pal/ntsc (with calibration)

input type


output type


power supply

12v_dc barrel jack OR eurorack header