two_point_one _colorizer


analog video colorize effect – adapted from a rob schafer design

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two_point_one_colorizer is an analog video effect unit – it takes incoming composite video and outputs a colorized version of this input – two threshold levels can be individually set and colored by the circuit – plus black gives 2.1 colors on the composite video output

The colors are generated using adjustable monostables to approximate sub-carrier frequencies of composite video – for this reason the circuit can also bend and break colors giving glitching and out of spec video

Disclaimer: Although the circuit supports both NTSC and PAL it is highly recommended to use it with NTSC video when possible – the range of colors available is much higher due to ntsc’s sequential color encoding



this project – like everything in the underscores catalog – is fully open-source hardware – find all the source plus lots more information and guides on the github repo:

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power supply

5v, barrel jack – center positive