shop update restocked & back from hiatus !

heres some new updates about whats been happening / whats coming up at

after a summer hiatus spent working festivals / installations in new zealand (+ quality holiday time with friends and family) we moved to melbourne, australia in march 2024

current catalog restocked

since being unavailable in the shop since late last year we now have back in stock as pcbs, kits and assembled units for:

plus at least a few of everything else (theres only a couple _transcribe_ units left and these are unlikely to get a restock since i have plans for a newer version of this that will supersede it)

raspberry pi zero w’s in stock

also for the first time i am now stocking a limited number of raspberry pi zero w for recurBOY – if you order one along side an assembled recurBOY i will solder on the 2×20 and 1×2 headers and test the complete unit before sending out to you

a few foundations of analog video on breadboard

i am currently preparing for the second session of my interactive six part online coursea few foundations of analog video on breadboard – the last one we did was a lot of fun – you get a kit with this vga-breadboard module and all the parts to explore a number of circuit designs online with me and others.

the next one will be running this june/july, likely followed by another session in september/october if there is still enough interest. people on the waitlist (found at bottom of the link above) will get offered spots first before a general release of remaining tickets after that – so sign up now to be part of the first release (tickets on sale end of april)

WORKS IN PROGRESS – artist talks / behind the scenes at underscores

i have been doing monthly online talks showing various WIP projects – theres still a couple more of these upcoming – you can find the details here – also check out the recordings of the talks that have been to get an idea of whats coming up:

scanlines x polyphase community showcase

every year in april we celebrate the birthday of community space and forum with an open-call and livestream of recent works – its a fun time to come together and share what everyone is up to! for this one we are combining our screening with the seasonal showcase- check out the forum post / polyphase page for info on how to submit

upcoming releases

i have just built and tested the v1_0_0 release version of two_point_one_colorizer circuit – which i have written about already here – so this should be available in the shop within the next few months (just need to order parts, make kits, write documentation and film a demo video for this)

after this i hope next to release my installation-based software/hardware for tv wall and addressable led mappings followed by some new hardware designs tba

if you want to help support this research into developing open source video instruments please consider buying assembled units, spreading the word or donating directly